Who Am I?


Hi.  My name is Darren.  I'm an engineer/designer who programs during the day, plays board games at night, and makes things out of wood on the weekend.  Being Canadian, I like playing hockey and then sitting down at night to watch a movie with my wife and kids (and dogs).

I like to tinker around making things.  If something breaks, I fix it and if possible, improve on it to end up with a better, stronger "something" than before. 

One of my dreams was to build a games table to play my collection of board games on with my friends and family.  After researching what tables were available and determining what were the key features I liked, I designed my own table in CAD.  Once I was happy with my design, I built in my garage.   It turned out better than I could have imagined.

After showing it to my friends and family, the response was so positive that I figured it would be interesting to do something that would give everyone a chance to have a table like mine.  I teamed up with an established wood manufacturer and we have come up with a near identical version of my table to sell to you on an ongoing basis.

Kaiyoot Designs operates out of Calgary, Alberta, Canada.