The Dream Table

The Dream Table that will be available to purchase is 95% the same as the table shown above (and on the other pages of this website).  It has been modified to be easier to manufacture to help reduce the cost.  All prominent features have been retained from my original design.

The Dream Table is built from Hardwood (Ash) with high quality 11 layer Baltic Birch plywood.  You will have a choice of stain from a list that will be provided.  Ash has been selected due to its nice wood grain and being easy to stain beautifully.

The Dream Table Configuration:

1) A solid hardwood table top which includes: 6 player stations, 6 hidden pop out drink holders, and the vault neoprene.

2) Table legs that are either simple powder coated metal or hardwood Ash legs with a wooden storage unit.

3) Addons (Vault Planks, Vault Caps, Table Top Neoprene, etc...)



The prototype table (based on the design shown to the right) is currently being built and will take 6 to 7 weeks to complete.  Production tables will be built in batches and will take 4 to 6 weeks to make after approval of the prototype table.


Length                66 inches (168 cm)

Width                  48 inches (122 cm)

Height                 30 inches (76 cm)

Vault Depth         1.75 inches (4.5 cm)

Ledge Width        5.5 inches (14 cm)

Table Thickness  5 inches (13 cm)

Player Stations (PS):

Each Dream Table comes with 6 Player Stations - 2 long table ends and 4 shorter table sides (2 per side).  There are 4 different styles of player stations that can be selected when configuring your table (the following are CAD representations):


PS1)  Base Player Station.  This economical player station supplies a solid 5.5 inch (14 cm) wide leaning ledge with an exposed storage space underneath it (nicknamed the "cubby hole") for cell phones and game components, etc...




PS2) Thin Ledge Player Station.  This player station replaces the 5.5 inch (14 cm) leaning ledge with a narrower cutout 3 inch (7.5 cm) version for those who like to lean in closer to the action.  There is still an exposed storage space located below for cell phones, game components, etc...




PS3) Storage Player Station.  For those who want a solid looking table edge (no cubby hole), this player station is the choice for you.  It supplies a solid 5.5 inch (14 cm) wide leaning ledge and flush table edge face.  The top ledge flips open to reveal a small storage space within for storing a cell phone, game components, etc...







PS4) Fold Out Player Station.  The top of the line Fold Out Player Station looks like a solid table edge face but folds out to reveal a large personal player space that measures 11 inches x 16.5/22.5 inch (28 cm x 42/57 cm) depending on which table edge it is on (short & long).  Each one of these fold out player stations comes with a personal player mat that is for the contained space.  This player station can create a "cubby hole" by folding down the front edge facing while not opening the shelf.

Base Player Station
Thin Ledge Player Station
Storage Player Station (Closed)
Storage Player Station (open)
Fold Out Player Station
Fold Out Player Station
Storage Base & Legs
Economical Powder Coated Legs

Table Legs (TL):

The table can be configured with two different types of legs:

TL1) Standard Legs.  The standard legs are powder coated tubular steel.  This base has no storage unit.









TL2) Wooden Legs with Storage Unit.  The wooden legs are made of solid hardwood Ash legs and incorporates a built in storage unit.  The storage unit can hold 6 vault planks, 2 vault caps, and the extra large table top neoprene mat.








Drink Holders (DH):

There are 3 different types of drink holders available on the Dream Table.  These drink holders are located within the table ledge and pop out for use with a simple push.  Having the drinks held away from the table ledge and vault prevents any accidental spills from contacting the game components placed in the vault or on the table ledge.  Its better to have a spill on the floor than in the vault.  Note that these holders are built into the table edge so they do not interfere with a players leg space.  Each drink holder can be equiped with any of the three following types:

DH1) Standard Drink Holder.  This drink holder is the typical aluminum cup that is 4.25 inch (11 cm) diameter and 3 inch (8 cm) deep.  It is capable of holding pop cans, beer bottles, and most standard glasses.








DH2) Mug Holder.  This drink holder has a slot along both sides to allow space for a mug handle.  It allows coffee/tea drinking board gamers to enjoy their game without placing their mug on the table ledge (because the mug won't fit in the aluminum standard drink holder due to its handle). 









DH3) Wine Glass Holder.  This drink holder has a slot along both sides to allow the thin neck of the wine glass to pass through.  It allows wine drinking board gamers to enjoy their game without placing their wine glass on the table ledge (because the glass won't fit in the aluminum standard drink holder). 








Standard Drink Holder
Coffee Cup Holder
Wine Cup Holder

Addons (AF):

The following are additional table accessories that can be ordered:

Vault Accessories
Upper Table Top Neoprene

AF3) Upper Table Top Neoprene Mat.  The upper neoprene mat is used when the vault is covered with vault planks.  It extends the existing playing surface by almost 6 inches (15 cm) in all directions using the leaning ledges as part of the play surface (surface area increased from 1944 inch2 to 3168 inch2 - almost a 63% increase in size).  In this mode, the table is capable of sitting snuggly 10 players which is great for party games. 


Note: The Wooden Legs and Storage Unit contains a curved shelf specifically for storing the unused Upper Table Top Neoprene Mats.  In order to store properly, the neoprene comes in two halves.  This allows you to use half the table with a vault and the other half covered with one half of the Table Top Neoprene mat (using 3 vault planks and a vault cap).









Waterproof Protective Cover
Waterproof Protective Cover Closeup

Neoprene Colour: 

Select your desired colour from 6 popular colours (yet to be finalized).


AF1) 6 Vault Planks.  The six interlocking vault planks are used to cover up the vault to give you a flat table top surface.  The vault planks are built with a combination of Baltic Birch Plywood with hardwood ash edging to help prevent warping.  It is possible with the vault covered to use the inner vault neoprene mat placed on top of the vault planks to play games without a vault (with the wooden leaning ledges surrounding the play surface).

Note: The Wooden Legs and Storage Unit contains 6 vertical slots specifically for storing the unused Vault Planks.


AF2) 2 Vault Caps.  A vault cap is used when configuring a table with a smaller vault using some of the vault planks.  The vault cap prevents game components from rolling/sliding under the vault planks.  With a single vault cap you can create a smaller vault.  With two vault caps and a single vault plank, you can create two separate vaults at both ends of the table.

Note: The Wooden Legs and Storage Unit contains two shelves specifically for storing the unused Vault Caps.


AF4) Clear Vinyl Waterproof Cover.  This water proof cover protects the table.